Why Attend?

New technologies and processes are driving improved productivity and lower costs in the oleoresin extraction and processing industry.

This International Symposium will gather industry operators, experts and educators from around the world to discuss "best practices", new technologies and practical advances which are evolving for forestry management, tapping and resin processing. 

Presentations and lively discussions will provide the framework for new technologies to help you increase production and reduce costs for oleoresin, rosin and turpentine. Areas covered include:

  • Pine tree tapping and oleoresin production yields
  • Basic genetics and pine tree physiology and why they matter
  • Improving oleoresin production with hybrid trees
  • Developing high efficiency forests
  • Human resource management and safety
  • Forestry mechanization and logistics
  • Resin plant design and operation
  • Testing and quality control methods

The program will provide continuous translation between English, Portuguese & Chinese.

Who should attend?

This course is designed for owners, managers, operations personnel and R&D leaders responsible for any and all phases of pine forestry management, tapping and extracting pine oleoresin into finished gum rosin and gum turpentine.

What is covered?

  • Forest Management
  • Pine tree genetics and hybrids
  • Ecology and Physiology
  • Tapping Technology and techniques
  • Oleoresin processing to rosin and turpentine
  • Logistics
  • Human resource management and safety

Registration Fees

Registration fees to be paid in US Dollars

Registration Fees
• $995.00 per attendee

The course registration fee includes: all course materials, Lunch/Breaks/Reception on Monday & Tuesday, and Breaks/Lunch on Wednesday (Breakfast is available for guests staying at the EPIC SANA).

Registration for the course can be made online using this link or by emailing/faxing this form to Amanda Young (amanda.young@pinechemicals.org or fax 1-404-994-6267).

Does my conference registration act as a hotel reservation?

• NO! Attendees are responsible for all of their travel plans and hotel reservations.

I cannot attend all three days of the course, is there a reduced rate or a per day rate for the conference?
• NO! The registration fee is a flat fee, regardless of how many days you attend.

What to wear