Meet the 2017 International Conference Speakers and a brief introduction of their paper.


James Hatch, Vice President with Energy Vision LLC

Energy Sustainability: A Cultural Change Driven By More Than Just Climate Concern

According to the International Energy Agency’s World Energy Investment 2017 Report, for the first time ever, the power sector received the largest share of energy investments worldwide, edging out oil and natural gas, with clean-energy spending hitting a record 43% of supply investment. Global energy markets are reshaping, with low-cost wind and solar providing diversification opportunities. Millennials are leading the charge as companies increasingly focus on their carbon footprint. What are the costs associated with being “green”? What are the costs of not embracing the trend? In this presentation James Hatch will share some of the strategic solutions Energy Vision has devised for industrial and utility companies in North America and the influence of Millennials, the most sustainability-conscious generation yet, have on corporations.

Kurt Schaefer, Vice President-Fiber with RISI

Global Outlook for Softwood Kraft Pulp Production

The global paper industry is experiencing dramatic crosscurrents in terms of demand and production, and the outlook for softwood kraft pulp production varies by grade of paper and by world region. At the global level, the paper industry continues to grow in terms of demand and production, despite the ongoing decline in demand for printing papers. Most of that growth is in developing economies, and the grade that has the most positive trend is packaging paper. Softwood kraft pulp is used extensively in packaging papers, in both bleached and unbleached form, contributing to an upward trend in softwood kraft production.

In this presentation, we look at the global “big picture” of what is happening in the world paper industry and how this is likely to translate into production of kraft pulp around the world. New developments in dissolving pulp and fluff pulp are also positive and will be considered as well.

Leela Landress Perez, Senior Editor and Manager for US & South America Oleochemical Sector with ICIS

Introduction to Oleochemicals

Delve into the world of chemicals derived from plant and animal fats, oleochemicals. Get informed about the global oleochemical market from the benchmark pricing source, ICIS. Learn about pricing and trade flows in Europe, Asia and the Americas and some of the new capacity additions happening in Asia.

Vitaly Rogachevsky, Vice President- C5 Monomers & Polymers with Argus Media Ltd.

C5 Update and Chemistry

This discussion will provide an overview of C5 resin chemistry and physical differences to rosin ester resins.

Michel Baumassy, Sales Manager- South Europe with Forchem Oy

Talloil Industry: Global Overview and Trends

An overview of the history, process, production, demand and markets for the global forest area, including CTO, TOFA, Tall Oil Rosin, Rosin and Resin, will be provided in this insightful presentation.

Spencer Chen, Vice President with SKY Dragon Fine-Chem Co., Ltd.

What happened to China GTO industry in the past 3 years?

Since July 2014, the price of CHINA GTO decreased by 36%, from 14000/MT (USD2060/MT) to 8800/MT (USD1300/MT) in Feb.2016. After that, the price increased sharply by 95% to 17500/MT(USD2555/MT) in the beginning of May,2017 and kept in this price level until end of August 2017.

For the past 3 years, what changes happened to China GTO industry? What were the mains reasons for such price fluctuation? How to react to such big changes for China GTO processing enterprises? What is the future trend for China GTO industry?

Today we try to find out the reasons for those changes, hopefully we can have deep discussion for CHINA GTO industry development.