2019 International Conference Speakers

Martha Moore

Senior Director for Policy Analysis and Economics, American Chemistry Council

MARTHA GILCHRIST MOORE is the senior director for policy analysis and economics at the American Chemistry Council. In that role, she analyzes the impact of various policy initiatives and energy trends on the chemical industry, in particular recent developments in shale gas. She also directs the Council's research on the direct and indirect economic contributions of the business of chemistry and the benefits to consumers. Ms. Moore has worked on chemical industry issues for more than 20 years and is an authority on the market dynamics for the chemical industry and its end-use customer industries. Ms. Moore holds a master's degree in economics from Indiana University and is a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She is a member of the National Association for Business Economics and the US Association for Energy Economics.

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Mariana Jorge Ferreira

Corporate Manager, SOCER RB Ind. e Com. Ltda.

MARIANA JORGE FERREIRA is a member of the Executive Committee of GRUPO RB, a multinational structure based in Brazil, dedicated to the development and management of pine forests and to the exploitation of pine forests' related byproducts. Mariana is currently the Group’s representative in Europe and she integrates Luresa Resinas team, GRUPO RB’s subsidiary in Spain.


ABSTRACT: GRUPO RB stands as leading multinational in the natural resins sector. Operating within a vertical integrated organization, from the nursery dedicated to the production of seeds, until the third stage of industrial transformation, our Group has dedicated research and development teams focused on each phase of the activity, benefiting from a global vision of the sector. At GRUPO RB we consider continuous improvement and innovation as inherent ways to the future of our companies and to the future of our activity. We have a multitude of integrated projects focused on sustainable development, ranging from the management of resources, through efficiency and safety in processes and culminating in waste management. With the three pillars of sustainable development as a reference - People, Planet and Profit - we seek to contribute to social development, protection of the environment and also to the economic development of the activity.

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Paige Goff

Vice President of Sustainability, Domtar

PAIGE GOFF is Vice President of Sustainability at Domtar, which design, manufacture, market and distributes a wide variety of communication and specialty papers, market pulp and absorbent hygiene products. In this role, Goff is responsible for communicating Domtar’s key sustainability and business initiatives to all internal and external stakeholders. Additionally, she develops and leads all partnerships with environmental non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and oversees sustainability communications for Domtar customers. Goff is responsible for identifying and leveraging the latest sustainability trends to strengthen and support all facets of Domtar’s business. She drives communications strategy across the pulp and paper division, and leads a team that communicates Domtar’s differentiating sustainability and innovation stories to key audiences. Additionally, Goff has developed and implemented numerous advocacy and education campaigns, as well as community engagement efforts, on behalf of the company. Goff joined Domtar in 2004, building upon 20 years of experience in the forest products industry. Prior to her current role, she was also the Senior Manager, Brand and Advertising Operations as well as Product Packaging Manager. Before joining Domtar, Goff worked at both Weyerhaeuser and Resolute Forest Products (formerly Bowater). She has a Master of Business Administration degree.


ABSTRACT: Sustainability is not a new buzz word in today's business environment. Yet companies today - from pulp and paper manufacturers to technology giants - still face many challenges around successfully implementing sustainable business initiatives and programs. Corporate social responsibility is not a one-size-fits-all endeavor. Developing a tailored approach that meets the needs (and capabilities) of your company or organization is key to starting, evolving or enhancing positive sustainability results. How do you get started? What's the best way to measure success? Discussion around best practices and key learnings from decades of experimentation can help organizations develop sustainability solutions that work.

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Maureen Loman

Senior CSR Analyst, EcoVadis

MAUREEN LOMAN is determined to create better connectivity between the corporate world and the science world, and through that resolution, has cultivated a passion for sustainability. She brings a strong understanding of environmental issues from her previous work in various analyst roles in the field of biology, before joining EcoVadis in 2014. Maureen holds a Masters of Public Administration in Environmental Science and Policy from Columbia University in New York City, and a B.S. in Biological Science and Ecology from the University of Maryland, College Park.

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Vitaly Rogachevsky

Vice President - C5 Monomers and Polymers, Argus Media Ltd.

VITALY ROGACHEVSKY was born in Minsk, USSR and grew up in Toronto, Ontario, Canada where he graduated from University of Toronto with a degree in Chemistry. Mr. Rogachevsky is Vice President- C5 Monomers & Polymers with Argus Media Ltd. Prior to joining Argus in 2015, he accumulated 27 years of experience in the adhesive market formulating, compounding and sourcing hot melt raw materials for H.B. Fuller, a $2B global adhesive company. Mr. Rogachevsky is intimately familiar with rosin resins, polymers, as well C5 and C9 hydrocarbon resin technology, suppliers, product slates and downstream markets.


ABSTRACT: We will have a brief catch up on the goings on in the petrochemical industry and evolution of the hydrocarbon feedstocks. We will also discuss implications of regulations, mandates and megatrends, such as IMO2020, electrification of mobility and circular economy, on the development of the industry and how it may impact rosin-derived products.

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Doris de Guzman

Senior Consultant - Biomaterials, OrbiChem

DORIS de GUZMAN joined UK-based chemical consulting firm Tecnon OrbiChem in March 2013 as a senior consultant covering bio-based chemicals feedstocks for the company’s BioMaterials Chemical Business Focus newsletter published every month. Doris is widely recognized as the initiator of green chemistry industry reporting and has been covering the green chemistry industry for 20 years. She provides expert analysis on a wide range of pertinent subjects including oleochemicals, biopolymers, industrial biotechnology, biofuels and other renewable chemical products. Doris is also the founder and author of the Green Chemicals Blog, which was established since 2007. The blog has an average of 13,000 unique readers per month. Doris de Guzman is a prolific social media communicator and an influencer within the bio-based chemicals space. In 2017, Doris de Guzman also joined the Biopolymers Expert Group of Germany-based Nova Institute, which has been globally active in feedstock supply, techno-economic and environmental evaluation, market research, dissemination, project management and policy for a sustainable bio-based economy. The Biopolymers Expert Group provides insight into the developments of the bio-based building blocks and polymer markets worldwide through Nova Institute’s annual study, “Bio-based Building Blocks and Polymers Annual Trends and Capacities.”



ABSTRACT: An insight in the current developments and commercialization of various bio-based chemical building blocks and monomers. This presentation will also highlight trends on renewable-based feedstock as well as feedstock from biomass, waste, recycled materials, and greenhouse gas emissions (CO2, CO, methane). The growing use of bio-based chemicals in market applications such as polyurethanes, engineering plastics, polyamides, coatings and adhesives, and other specialty chemicals in textiles, consumer goods, and packaging areas will be briefly discussed.

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Michel Baumassy

Sales Manager South Europe, Respol/Forchem Oy

MICHEL BAUMASSY has been in the Pine Chemical business since 1977, upon graduating as a Chemical Engineer. During his career he held several positions: DRT: Sales manager Resin and Talloil derivatives Arizona Chemical: Sales office manager, Sales manager Ink resins and CEO of resin plant. He joined Forchem’s sales team in 2002 , when the company was created in Finland. Michel resides in Nice, France .He is a private pilot and enjoys mountain flying.


ABSTRACT: The Tall oil and Crude Sulphate Turpentine industries are more than 100-year-old sustainable and non-subsidized industries. Around 2 Million tonnes of Crude Tall oil (CTO) and 200 000 T CST are produced annually, from the 44 Million tonnes of Softwood Kraft pulp. Ongoing Investments in pulp mills to follow the increasing demand of packaging materials and tissue/hygiene products will bring additional volume of CTO and CST and participate to the growth of the Pine derived chemicals market. CST production is now exceeding the volume of gum turpentine. Rosin acids and fatty acids are the most valuable constituents of the CTO plus Tall oil pitch, a bio-fuel. 450 000 tonnes of Tall Oil Rosin, 460 000 T of Tall oil fatty acids will be produced in 2018. Rosin derivatives are facing fierce competition from hydrocarbon resins which are gaining market shares. The Pine derived chemical market is growing 4 to 5% per year at a higher rate than the average GDP growth. Asia will have the fastest growth and will drive the demand. Growing environmental concerns will favour the demand for Pine chemicals relying on a sustainable value chain.

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Lifeng Song

Chairman, Star Pine Chemical Co., Ltd

LIFENG SONGgraduated from Beijing Forestry University in 1986, earning a bachelor’s degree in wood processing mechanical engineering. From 1986 to 1994, he worked for the China National Forest Products Industry Corporation, a State-owned company, under the government of Ministry of Forestry. In 1994, the China Golddragon Rosin Group Company was set up and he was mainly in charge of the rosin business of the company through 2002 and became vice president in 1997. He joined Akzo Nobel in 2002 and later on Hexion in 2006, worked as procurement manager for rosins, until he left in 2008. In the same period of time he established his own business Star Pine Chemical Co., Ltd. for polyterpene resin production. In 2009, he jointly set up Forestar Chemical Company with the China National Forest Products Industry Corporation and became general manager and chairmen of the company till 2015 when switching to vice chairman. In his 30 years history in pine chemical industry, he has been devoting his passion and energy in helping his country to achieve development in pine chemical industry. Golfing is his most enjoyable sport in his spare time..

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Jonathan Lowe

CEO, JEL Consulting

JONATHAN LOWEis CEO of JEL Consulting, a business consultancy providing expertise in market analysis, strategic planning, innovation and value creation to the specialty chemical and related industries. From 2015 to 2017, Jonathan was Group Commercial Director and Managing Director for Germany & Sweden with Beardow Adams, a global independent adhesives company. Earlier in his career, Jonathan was Global Business Development Director and European Commercial Director for Arizona Chemical (now Kraton). He has also held senior commercial positions with Ciba and Hexcel. Jonathan has over 30 years commercial experience in the Specialty Chemicals and Advanced Composites industries. He has a Master's in Natural Sciences from Cambridge University and a Post-graduate Diploma in Marketing.

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Ruslan Golubev

Product Manager, A V Pound

RUSLAN GOLUBEV: AV Pound & Co. Ltd was founded precisely 90 years ago as a family business in pine chemicals and continues as such under the Hobart Enterprises Group. At present the Group has offices in Ireland, United Kingdom, South Africa, China, Australia, Kenya, Nigeria, as well as production units in South Africa and Ireland. Ruslan Golubev joined AV Pound in 2016 as Product Manager with seven years background in pine chemicals, also three years in petroleum chemical and same in automotive industries. Ruslan is located in St. Petersburg, visiting suppliers and customers across Russia and other countries. He provides a local contact in Russia as doing business there requires this, as well as a knowledge of local rules, traditions and legislation, whilst building personal trust.



ABSTRACT: There are ten Kraft pulp & paper mills in Russia, producing crude tall oil and crude sulphate turpentine. The majority of Russian pine chemicals production is concentrated by ILIM Group in joint venture with International Paper: - Ust-Ilimsk PPM - Bratsk PPM - Koryazhma PPM (in joint venture with Orgkhim)

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