2020 PCA International Virtual Conference

1 October 2020, 9am


9:00 AM: Welcome

PCA President: Alex Cunningham

PCA Board Chairman: Greg McLean; Kraton Chemical, LLC

PCA Legal Counsel: Anthony Macleod

Alex Cunningham

President, Pine Chemicals Association International

ALEX CUNNINGHAM is the current President and CEO of the Pine Chemicals Association International, which is dedicated exclusively to promoting the growth, success and sustainability of the global pine chemicals industry. Prior to the PCA, Alex was with RESINAS MISIONERAS, a gum rosin plant in Argentina, in 1979, working as an assistant to the industrial manager. In 1996, he moved to Brazil and joined CAMPINUS DO MONTE ALEGRE IND. LTDA. as Export Manager. In 2003, he formed AR ELDORADO LTDA. with the aim of producing paste stimulants for enhanced production of crude gum from the pine tree. He also worked as Secretary of ANIPIN (the Brazilian gum rosin producer’s association) from 2003 to 2006. Alex created areldorado.com.ar in 2007. This website about Pine Chemicals is the face of AR ELDORADO ME, a consulting firm specializing in crude gum (pine oleoresin) production and industrialization. Alex is an avid amateur astronomer in his free time.


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Greg McLean

PCA Board Chairman, Director Global Strategic Raw Materials, Kraton Chemical, LLC

GREG MCLEAN has a BS in Chemical Engineering and a minor in Pulp and Paper Engineering from Auburn University. He recently joined Arizona Chemical in January 2013. Previously, he worked at Georgia-Pacific for 20+ years and worked in both the Containerboard Division as well as the Chemical Division. While working in the paper and chemical industry, Greg worked as a Process Engineer in all production areas of the paper mill including the woodyard, power & recovery, pulp mill, and paper machine operations. Greg has also held various positions including sales of fractionated products, oilfield chemicals, tall oil production plant, and plant operational improvement projects.


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Presentation: Martha Moore, American Chemistry Council


Martha Moore

Senior Director for Policy Analysis and Economics, American Chemistry Council

MARTHA GILCHRIST MOORE is the senior director for policy analysis and economics at the American Chemistry Council. In that role, she analyzes the impact of various policy initiatives and energy trends on the chemical industry, in particular recent developments in shale gas. She also directs the Council's research on the direct and indirect economic contributions of the business of chemistry and the benefits to consumers. Ms. Moore has worked on chemical industry issues for more than 20 years and is an authority on the market dynamics for the chemical industry and its end-use customer industries. Ms. Moore holds a master's degree in economics from Indiana University and is a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She is a member of the National Association for Business Economics and the US Association for Energy Economics.


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10:00 AM - 11:00 AM: ROSIN AND RESINS

10:00 AM Presentation: Michel Baumassy, Respol/Forchem Oy

10:10 AM Presentation: Capacity Growth Trends in Hydrocarbon Resin Production - Steven Williams, Argus Media

The 2018-21 time frame will see sizable additions to the global production capability for hydrocarbon tackifying resins (HCR). This presentation will highlight growth in production capacity and new projects for each of C5, C9 and hydrogenated HCR capacity. With HCR competing in many markets with rosin based tackifiers, the growth in HCR capacity is of critical importance to the rosin and derivatives industry. The prolific growth in hydrogenated HCR capacity will be further detailed, with hydrogenated HCR capacity expansions making up much of the overall HCR capacity growth. Market trends within the HCR industry will also be briefly discussed.

10:20 AM Presentation: Lifeng Song, Star Pine

10:30 AM Presentation: Ricardo Soares, Consultant

10:40 AM Q&A


Michel Baumassy

Sales Manager South Europe, Respol/Forchem Oy

MICHEL BAUMASSY has been in the Pine Chemical business since 1977, upon graduating as a Chemical Engineer. During his career he held several positions: DRT: Sales manager Resin and Talloil derivatives Arizona Chemical: Sales office manager, Sales manager Ink resins and CEO of resin plant. He joined Forchem’s sales team in 2002 , when the company was created in Finland. Michel resides in Nice, France .He is a private pilot and enjoys mountain flying.


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Steve Williams

VP, C5 and Hydrocarbon Resins, Argus Media, Ltd.

STEVE WILLIAMS is responsible for both the monthly C5 and Hydrocarbon Resin Report and the Hydrocarbon Resins Annual publications at Argus Media, Ltd.. Mr. Williams has been with Argus since 2020 and has over 35 years of experience in the petrochemical industry. He spent 28 years with The Dow Chemical Company (now Dow Inc.), as well as seven years with Chemium International. Mr. Williams served in numerous roles at Dow, including sourcing feedstocks for ethylene production, managing NGL joint venture interests and managing the Americas aromatics and derivatives businesses. As a part of his aromatics business responsibilities, he was exposed to many C5 monomer suppliers and developed an extensive knowledge of feedstock, olefin and subsequent downstream operations.

Steve holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Waterloo in Chemical Engineering (1985), and a Master’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Alberta (1994). Steve resides in Katy, Texas. As a native Canadian, Steve’s favorite recreational past time is playing ice hockey, followed closely by golfing.


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Lifeng Song

Chairman, Star Pine Chemical Co., Ltd

LIFENG SONGgraduated from Beijing Forestry University in 1986, earning a bachelor’s degree in wood processing mechanical engineering. From 1986 to 1994, he worked for the China National Forest Products Industry Corporation, a State-owned company, under the government of Ministry of Forestry. In 1994, the China Golddragon Rosin Group Company was set up and he was mainly in charge of the rosin business of the company through 2002 and became vice president in 1997. He joined Akzo Nobel in 2002 and later on Hexion in 2006, worked as procurement manager for rosins, until he left in 2008. In the same period of time he established his own business Star Pine Chemical Co., Ltd. for polyterpene resin production. In 2009, he jointly set up Forestar Chemical Company with the China National Forest Products Industry Corporation and became general manager and chairmen of the company till 2015 when switching to vice chairman. In his 30 years history in pine chemical industry, he has been devoting his passion and energy in helping his country to achieve development in pine chemical industry. Golfing is his most enjoyable sport in his spare time..


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Ricardo Soares




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11:00 AM Presentation: CPD

11:15 AM Presentation: The European directive on renewable energies: Key principles and challenges for the pine chemistry industry - Paul Girard, European Chemical Industry Council - Cefic aisbl.

The presentation will provide the audience with an overview of the key principles behind the EU directive on renewables. It will explain how and why it has impacted the pine chemistry industry in the past few years. It will conclude by indicating a sense of direction European regulators aim to take for the directive and in the context of the European Green Deal and the objective to become climate neutral by 2050.

11:30 AM Presentation: Leela Landress Perez, OLEOChemicals

11:45 AM Q&A




TBD tbd


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Paul Girard

Sector Group & Advocacy Manager, European Chemical Industry Council- Cefic aisbl 

PAUL GIRARD is the Sector Group & Advocacy Manager with the European Chemical Industry Council - Cefic aisbl. Following a Master degree in Anthropology and in European politics and public affairs, Paul arrived in Brussels in 2014 working as a trainee in the EU office of a French multinational in the food sector. He then spent four years at Cosmetics Europe designing public affairs strategies, managing relationships with the European Parliament and advising on a considerable list of reputation, advocacy and regulatory issues.

In August 2019, he brought his experience to Cefic, taking up a role as sector group manager. Since then, Paul has provided advocacy support to a broad range of sectors, in relation to hazard classification, risk communication and access to raw materials issues.


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Leela Landress Perez

Managing Editor, OleoChemicals

LEELA LANDRESS PEREZ is the managing editor of Oleochem Analytics. She regularly presents to clients and at global industry events. In addition, Leela played a key role in the development of several industry publications including market intelligence reports on domestic and global markets as well as outlook reports. She is regularly cited in the European Journal of Lipid Science and Technology and other scientific and research journals. Previously Ms. Landress Perez worked as a senior editor manager covering the Americas energy markets for RELX Group. For 17 years Leela Landress Perez has worked for some of the most well-respected media companies in the U.S. and Europe and is a senior-level journalist covering energy, financial and commodity markets.


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Presentation: John Myers, PCA EHS Committee

Presentation: Nelson Lawson, PCA PR&S Committee

Presentation: Phil Hurd, PCA Testing Committee

Presentation: Alex Cunnimgham, PCA President

John Myers

PCA EHS Committee

The Safety and Hygiene Committee develops "best practices” for our industry in areas where we can legitimately share information. This work is intended to prevent injuries and save assets.


Nelson Lawson

PCA PR&S Committee

The primary focus of this Committee is to monitor environmental regulations on a global basis and to proactively respond to regulations that could negatively impact our industry. This work includes, at times, substantial investments in developing data to assure regulatory decisions are based on accurate information. Additionally, committee members meet with regulatory agencies to educate them on our industry and our technology. The committee actively cooperates with regulatory committees of other associations both in the United States and globally.

Phil Hurd

PCA Testing Committee

The Testing Committee maintains and upgrades all ASTM and ISO testing standards used in the global commerce of pine chemicals. These standards require periodic review to maintain certification and upgrading to keep pace with technology and regulatory changes.