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Downhole Chemical Delivery For Oil And Gas Wells

Wednesday, July 31, 2013   (0 Comments)
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United States Patent Application 20130196884


A method of reducing the cost and environmental impact of chemicals used in hydraulic fracturing is to use a proppant that is coated with at least two chemicals, where each of those chemicals are useful in treating a well. By coating at least two chemicals onto the proppant the amounts of chemicals required to treat a well are reduced by delivering the chemicals to only the areas that require treatment. Additionally mixing issues are avoided as only a single proppant or substrate is used in the well.

Kakadjian, Sarkis (The Woodlands, TX, US), Venditto, James Joseph (Houston, TX, US), Zamora, Frank (San Antonio, TX, US), Powell, Ronald Joseph (Humble, TX, US), Thompson, Joseph E. (Houston, TX, US)    2013    Downhole Chemical Delivery For Oil And Gas Wells    United States    Trican Well Service, Ltd.    20130196884