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Asphalt modifiers for" warm mix" applications including adhesion promoter

Tuesday, October 22, 2013   (0 Comments)
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United States Patent Application 20130239850


The present invention generally relates to an additive package for warm-mix asphalt formulations for the pavement of road surfaces, said additive package comprising a) surfactant component, and b) an asphalt rheology modifying component, wherein said asphalt rheology modifying component comprises at least one of a i) a wax component and ii) a resin component. The invention also relates to a warm mix asphalt having improved compaction at lower temperatures, and to a pavement made from said warm mix asphalt.

... I. Amines. wherein R is a saturated or unsaturated, substituted or unsubstituted, optionally branched or cyclic, hydrocarbon radical (chain?/group/moiety) with 8-24 carbon atoms, for example derived from tallow fatty acids, or tall oil fatty acids. ...

Naidoo, Premnathan (Diamondhead, MS, US), Logaraj, Sundaram (Aurora, IL, US), James, Alan Duncan (Chicago, IL, US)    2013    Asphalt modifiers for     United States    AKZO NOBEL N.V. (Arnhem, NL)    20130239850