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Wellbore Servicing Fluid System and Methods of Use

Tuesday, October 22, 2013   (0 Comments)
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United States Patent Application 20130267444


A wellbore servicing composition comprising a filter cake positioned within a wellbore, the filter cake comprising an invert emulsion fluid, the invert emulsion fluid comprising an oleaginous fluid, a non-oleaginous fluid, and an acid-sensitive surfactant, and an emulsion reversing fluid positioned within the wellbore in contact with the filter cake, the emulsion reversing fluid comprising an acid precursor, wherein the acid precursor is not an acid.

... In a particular embodiment, R is a hydrocarbon selected from the group consisting of abietyl, hydroabietyl, dihydroabietyl, tetrahydroabietyl, and dehydroabietyl, R′ is H, and A is O. In another particular embodiment, the amine is an ethoxylated rosin amine. ...

Thaemlitz, Carl Joseph (Cypress, TX, US)    2013    Wellbore Servicing Fluid System and Methods of Use    United States    HALLIBURTON ENERGY SERVICES, INC. (Houston, TX, US)    20130267444