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Monday, December 9, 2013  
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 H Kuge, Y Sato, M Mai, K Sato - US Patent 20,130,302,579, 2013
A method of producing an ink cured product having a step of printing an active energy beam-curable ink comprising a monomer having an ethylenic double bond and a photopolymerization initiator onto a substrate, and then curing the active energy beam-curable ink with an active energy beam, wherein the monomer having an ethylenic double bond comprises an acrylate monomer having a molecular weight of 330 or less and containing 1 to 3 acryloyl groups, the photopolymerization initiator comprises three or more types of compounds selected from the group consisting of (A1) α-aminoalkylphenone compounds, (A2) acylphosphine oxide compounds, (B1) thioxanthone compounds and (B2) benzophenone compounds, and the substrate is either a paper having a high degree of smoothness or a plastic film.

... Moreover, examples of resins that can be used in hybrid inks that combine the characteristics of an oil-based ink and an active energy beam-curable ink include rosin phenolic resins, rosin alkyd resins, petroleum resin-modified alkyd resins, and styrene/acrylate resins (such as ...

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