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Asphaltene Dispersant Containing Lubricating Compositions

Monday, December 9, 2013  
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 JL Jones, WRS Barton, DJ Saccomando, SJ Cook… - US Patent 20,130,303,415, 2013

The present invention relates to a lubricating composition, particularly marine diesel engine lubricating compositions, comprising: (a) an oil of lubricating viscosity; (b) an asphaltene dispersant comprising an amide group, which may also contain a succinimide group, and which may optionally be used in combination with additional asphaltene dispersants that contain a cyclic headgroup that contains a nitrogen atoms where the additional asphaltene dispersants may also include a succinimide group; and (c) a detergent derived from an alkyl phenol. The invention further provides methods of using such compositions in the operation of engine, particularly marine diesel engines.

... The material is heated to 175° C. with stirring and held for 1 hour. The material is cooled to 100° C. and tall oil fatty acid (43.9 grams) is added over 6 minutes. The ... hour. Tall oil fatty acid (41.3 grams) is added over 15 minutes. ...