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Tuesday, February 11, 2014  
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PCA eNewsFebruary 10, 2014

At our PCA Board meeting in January, I proposed a Vision for the PCA to move from a reactive to a proactive organization and to become the "global resource” for the pine chemicals industry.To achieve this, we want our newly revised website to become the "first place” our members search for safety information, patents, regulatory updates, sustainability articles, news on the industry,import/ export statistics, testing standards, environmental actions and standards, educational materials, and more. While some of the information is already on our website, we are making headway to implement more content.

We currently offer excellent information and presentations on our global industry at our conferences , as well as exceptional networking and I want to continue to improve on these opportunities.

This spring we will begin an annual 3 day course on "Byproduct Recovery,” to provide education to operators and engineers on CST & Black liquor soap recovery and CTO acidulation.The course will cover safety, logistics, testing and education on process technology and efficiency.The course is co-sponsored by TAPPI and is open to members and non-members alike.

We have made many improvements in our Association in the last few years, and the numbers show we are making a difference.Membership has increased by almost 50% and we have had record attendance at our recent International Conferences and at our Spring Meeting last year.We have been very active in a number of regulatory issues and have had several articles published over the past year that are available for review won our website.

Last week, I sent a letter to our members across the globe requesting more participation in our key working committees - safety, regulatory, sustainability, testing, and gum rosin - as we need input from all members to be successful.Even though we are not fluent in all languages, we can communicate through email and translation software to share information in our working committees.

To recognize the evolution of our Association, we have decided to change the PCA logo.The old logo was over 50 years old and served the Association well, but it was time for a change.The new logo, which is on our website, portrays half of an Erlenmeyer flask and has more color and flow.I hope you like the new logo and the progress that the PCA is making.

We are looking forward to an exciting year and have some excellent programs set up for our Conferences this year. We hope to see you at the Spring Meeting on April 29-May 1 in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL, and at the International Conference on September 21-23 in Seattle, WA. Registration for the Spring Meeting is already open and we welcome you to register early!

Together, we will be the global resource of the pine chemicals industry and will ensure that your voice is heard in the work that we are doing!

Charlie Morris

President and COO