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Devulcanization of Whole Passenger Car Tire Material

Tuesday, February 18, 2014  
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... Swelling of GTR in an oil containing the chemi- cals before devulcanization was reported as a way to improve the diffusion and consequently the dispersion: Plasticizers such as terpenes and pine oil we- re added to ground rubber together with devulcanization aids. ...


Ground tire rubber (GTR) from whole passenger car tires is devulcanized using the conditions which are the best compromise for tire rubbers. The elaboration of the optimal devulcanization
process for GTR is performed in order to obtain a homogeneous and high degree of devulcanization. Swelling of GTR in a mixture of an oil and a devulcanization aid before devulcanization was studied as a way to achieve a more homogenous breakdown of the crosslink network. Further optimization of the parameters in terms of devulcanization oil loading and process time were elaborated.  By using these optimized devulcanization conditions, a significant reduction
of crosslink density can be achieved for GTR.