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Continuous Catalyst-Free Esterification of Oleic Acid in Compressed Ethanol

Tuesday, February 18, 2014  
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ACA Abdala, VA dos Santos Garcia, CP Trentini… - International Journal of …, 2014

... Schulte [29] reported the esterification of tall oil fatty acids, obtained by hydrolysis, at 573 K and 1650 psia using a methanol to feedstock ratio of 10 : 1, and showed esters yield of 82.3% from these free fatty acids, which is slightly higher than the yield obtained from the treatment ...

The esterification of oleic acid in a continuous catalyst-free process using compressed ethanol was investigated in the present study. Experiments were performed in a tubular reactor and variables investigated were temperature, pressure, and oleic acid to ethanol molar ratio for different residence time. Results demonstrated that temperature, in the range of 473K to 573 K, and pressure had a positive effect on fatty acid ethyl esters (FAEE) production. In the experimental range investigated, high conversions can be obtained at low ethanol concentrations in the reaction medium and it was observed that oleic acid to ethanol molar ratios greater than 1 : 6 show no significant increase in conversion. Nonnegligible reaction conversions (>90%) were achieved at 573 K, 20MPa, oleic acid
to ethanol molar ratio of 1 : 6, and 20 minutes of residence time.


Received 5 October 2013; Revised 30 October 2013; Accepted 6 November 2013; Published 19 January 2014
Academic Editor: Dmitry Murzin
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