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Formulation of Green Varnish from Ecological Friendly Material for the Development of Printing

Thursday, March 13, 2014  
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Z Idham, MA Che Yunus, MK Abdul Aziz… - Jurnal Teknologi, 2014

... F-2110 and F-2118. The Rosin Modified Phenolic resin is yellow or brownishbtranslucent solid, reacted from gum rosin and alcohol with the matters

polycondensation by different phenolic and aldehydes. These four types of ...

Abstract: he extensive use of petroleum product has caused a number of environmental pollution. The printing industry is one of our nation’s largest producers of hazardous waste and volatile organic compound. One of the major alternatives is to use vegetable oil based products as biorenewable raw materials. Hence, the formulation of palm olein based varnish has been discussed in the present study. Palm olein from palm oil was prepared first, and their physical properties were determined. Varnishes were prepared with the palm olein and four different types of resin (F-2136, F-210, F-2110 and F-2118). Rheological properties, yield value, heptanes tolerance of the varnish were determined. From this study, it was found that palm olein with the F-210 resin is promising as the alternative varnish materials for the production of offset printing ink.

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