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Synthesis and Characterization of Hydrogenated Rosin/Polyacrylate Composite Emulsions by Two-Step...

Tuesday, July 22, 2014  
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Hydrogenated rosin/polyacrylate composite emulsions were prepared by a two-step mini-emulsion polymerization method, which included the first step polymerization of mini-emulsion-A (ME-A) without hydrogenated rosin and the second of mini-emulsion-A-R (ME-A-R) with hydrogenated rosin. The effect of the two step polymerization on the particle size and its distribution, molecular mass, gel fraction, swelling ratio and adhesion properties of composite emulsions was studied. The results showed that the two step polymerizations were all monomer droplet nucleation and independent. When ME-A/ME-A-R was 25/75, the initial force, 180° peel strength and shear resistance of composite emulsions were 12 #, 9.4 N/25 mm and 69 h, respectively.

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