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Obtaining of Modifiers for Reduced Friction by Еsterification of Waste Glycerol from Biodiesel ..

Tuesday, May 19, 2015  
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The esterification of waste glycerol from biodiesel production (WG) ore pure glycerol (PG) with Sylfat
2 were made by catalyst 3% titanium alcoholate (TiAl) for 3 h at 150°C. The quantity of glycerol in WG and the oleic acid (OA) in Sylfat 2 were made with UV-VIS spectra. There UV-VIS and FTIR spectra were shown. Somequantity of free acids was neutralized with methylamine ore with 25% water solution of NH3 and was given FTIR spectra of obtained products. All investigations for characteristics of these products were made with standard method by four ball machine. From WG ore PG and Sylfat 2 were obtained the valuable friction modifiers, comparable with standard compounds.


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