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Development of Provisional Specification Language for Chemical Treatments for Unpaved Roads

Friday, November 13, 2015  
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There is increasing interest in the use of chemical treatments to reduce maintenance and gravel replacement on gravel roads. However, selecting the most appropriate chemical treatment is difficult because of the proprietary nature of many of the chemical treatments available and limitations by many agencies in procuring such proprietary products. Of the approximately 200 chemical treatment products available in the United States, only calcium chloride and asphalt emulsion carry formal ASTM and AASHTO specifications. Some federal and county road agencies have additional, very basic product specifications for some other categories of products; however, these are generally not linked to ASTM and AASHTO testing criteria. This situation has led to limited use of many chemical treatments. This paper provides sample provisional specification language that road agencies and road owners can use to procure and apply chemical treatments on unpaved roads. This provisional specification language was developed in conjunction with federal road agencies and chemical treatment suppliers as part of a new selection procedure for chemical treatments for unpaved roads.

Author: David Jones

Source:Transportation Research Board