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Thursday, June 2, 2016  
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The PCA commissioned an independent global economic survey to assess the magnitude and significance of the impact of the industry. The study involved a survey of 200 companies worldwide and combined financial as well as input and output data.

The study reports that pine chemicals directly account for over US $10 billion in annual revenues and employ a skilled workforce of 14,100 people globally. The global value chain impact of the industry is even larger at US $55 billion. The industry provides employment to nearly 186,000 people with a compensation of US $7,804 million. North America emerged as the leading region, accounting for almost 35% of the direct global revenue and 28.3% of direct global employment.
In addition to employing manufacturing, research and other staff, the pine chemicals industry engages tappers for oleoresin extraction from pine trees. China has the most tappers at 200,000, followed by South America with 6,500 tappers. North America and Europe have a relatively low number of tappers, with 570 and 432 respectively. There are a total of over 10,000 tappers in other countries and regions.

Access the GLOBAL IMPACT OF THE MODERN PINE CHEMICAL INDUSTRY study.  This study was conducted by an independent firm on behalf of the PCA and is available for download.