2018 Environmental, Health, and Safety Excellence Awards Program - Employee Excellence Nomination
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2018 Environmental, Health, and Safety Excellence Awards Program

Employee Excellence Nomination


Employee Excellence Award Criteria:

The Environmental, Health, and Safety Employee Excellence award is intended to recognize and honor an employee in the Member Company or facility that has demonstrated excellence.   

Examples of award criteria the employee may demonstrate include the following:

  • The employee consistently fulfills the primary responsibilities of the job.  He/she sets a positive example for others to follow throughout the organization.
  • The employee frequently volunteers for special assignments and is a valued contributor when participating on environmental, health and/or safety task teams or committee.
  • The employee is quick to identify workplace hazards or environmental concerns, and participates in the resolution. He/she can be counted on to identify an innovative approach to resolving the most difficult environmental, health and safety concerns.
  • The employee listens carefully and understands the perspective of others.  He/she demonstrates an interest in coworkers, and genuinely cares about the continuous improvement of the company’s environment, health and safety programs.

Please provide the Facility/Plant Name and full physical address (Street Address, City, State/Province, Postal Code and Country)
Please provide a brief description of the Nominee’s position in the organization. Include a description of the employee’s responsibilities or duties that support the facilities environmental, health, and/or safety goals.
Please describe specific examples of how the Nominee demonstrates excellence based on the suggested criteria listed at the top of the Nomination Form. The examples should reflect work day activities as well as things the employee has done to set him/her apart from others (i.e. volunteering to lead environmental, safety or health training or be a subject matter expert).
Please describe the employee’s participation in environmental, health and/or safety task teams, committees or similar efforts. Include the role of the employee (i.e. Committee Chair, Behavior Based Safety Team Leader, environmental stewardship leader, etc.) and the impact the team or committee has had on environmental, health or safety at the facility.
Please provide at least one example of a difficult environmental, health or safety issue that the employee helped to resolve. If the solution was innovative, please explain why. What was the impact on environmental, health or safety? What other environmental health, and/or safety concerns has the employee taken the initiative to resolve?
Please provide the names and contact information for two of the Nominee’s Peers, Supervisors or Managers. By providing the names you are giving the PCA permission to contact them regarding the Nominee.