Environmental, Health & Safety Committee
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The PCA Environmental, Health & Safety Committee:

Provides PCA member companies with information, proven strategies, and collaboration opportunities to advance their safety, health, and environmental systems.

The experience and knowledge of the committee members is a resource to provide tools to assist member companies in preventing adverse events. The EHS Committee strives to allow member companies to better protect their triple bottom line – people, planet, profit.

The committee works continuously to improve EHS knowledge and management techniques to reduce personal and process safety risks. To address this important role, the committee:

  • Oversees and administers the EHS Awards Program recognizing facilities, employees and leaders for their continuous improvement efforts.
  • Creates Best (Better) Practice documents that are published on the PCA website.
  • Provides a forum for members to share knowledge related to changing EHS rules and regulations at committee meetings and information exchanges.
  • Encourages professional development and provides a forum for members to improve their knowledge on a variety of topics, such as sharing successes, challenges, and learnings to expand knowledge in the area of chemical process safety and personal safety.
  • Defines and collects pertinent EHS data from member companies and disseminates aggregate data for comparative purposes.

Mission Statement:

The Environmental, Health and Safety Committee provides an avenue for Pine Chemical Association members to share approaches to common environmental, safety and health issues. The committee identifies and shares environmental, safety and health information including best practices, lessons learned, and current events for the purpose of reducing risk and advancing accident prevention programs at member operating facilities.
EHS Goals:
  1. Publish a minimum of four (4) Best Practice Documents.
  2. Cover two (2) continuous improvement topics during teleconferences/meetings.
  3. Conduct two (2) annual meetings for networking and relationship building.
  4. Improve global communication by developing informational channels with international members on current events in their country and regions.
  5. Improve process safety and environmental competencies with subject matter discussions.
  6. Hold four (4) committee teleconferences.
  7. Lead by example in promoting the EHS Awards Program and Injury/Illness reporting.
  8. Challenge each member to submit at least one (1) thing they would like to see from this committee in 2020 by the April meeting.
  9. Share your Challenge: Members share a current workplace challenge to seek assistance from other members who have had similar challenges.
  10. Workplace Learnings: Members share a safety, health, environmental tip, or any recent learning from your workplace.

Annual Injury & Lost Time Reporting

Annual Safety Reporting by Company (Cumulative Company Totals only- not by individual facility or plant)

Best Practices

Operational best practices and lessons learned from identifying risks, reducing those risks and advancing incident prevention programs at Member Facilities

Committee Members

Meet your EHS committee members.


EHS Links

Links of interest to the EHS Community.

Guidance Documents

Guidance Documents, Resources and Tools to assist member companies prevent adverse events.

Health & Safety Awards

The PCA Safety Awards program recognizes and promotes excellence in environmental, health, and safety among member companies.  

Meeting Calendar Dates

Mark your calendars for upcoming committee conference calls and meetings.

Meeting Minutes

Minutes of committee discussions, conference calls and meetings. (Must be signed in as a member to view)