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The life blood of the Pine Chemicals Association is in the work of its committees. PCA accomplishes its programs and initiatives in large part through these working groups. The committees are run by representatives of member companies and individual members volunteer their time to participate in committee meetings and activities.

The number of committees has varied in past years depending upon the demands of the industry and the interests of the members. At present there are eight active committees. Their mission and activities are discussed below.


The primary focus of this Committee is to monitor environmental regulations on a global basis and to proactively respond to regulations that could negatively impact our industry. This work includes, at times, substantial investments in developing data to assure regulatory decisions are based on accurate information. Additionally, committee members meet with regulatory agencies to educate them on our industry and our technology. The committee actively cooperates with regulatory committees of other associations both in the United States and globally.


The Testing Committee maintains and upgrades all ASTM and ISO testing standards used in the global commerce of pine chemicals. These standards require periodic review to maintain certification and upgrading to keep pace with technology and regulatory changes.


The Safety and Hygiene Committee develops "best practices” for our industry in areas where we can legitimately share information. This work is intended to prevent injuries and save assets.


The Meetings Committee sets the locations and structure for the Annual and International Meetings each year. The International meeting is a unique forum for leaders from around the world to network and hear presentations on market and technology trends. The environment of all association meetings is set to assure strict compliance with antitrust rules and guidelines.


The Gum Rosin Committee promotes the sharing of information on "best practices” and new technologies in harvesting crude gum from pine forests in countries around the world.


The Sustainability Committee works to assure the sustainable supply of pine chemical raw materials and the continuation and growth of the pine chemical markets. As part of this effort the committee works to monitor and modify, if appropriate, legislation that may negatively impact the Pine Chemicals industry.The PCA cooperates with the American Chemistry Council and supports their efforts to educate state and federal legislators and regulators so they will make informed decisions regarding our industry. Additionally, the committee encourages marketing the renewable and "green” nature of pine chemicals.


The Membership & Information Committee is responsible for the development and implementation of membership expansion and retention programs. In addition, they make recommendations to the Board of Directors on ways of communicating a positive image of the industry to customers, suppliers, and government agencies through various media. The Committee supports activities designed to assure full participation of all Members and Associate Members.


The Recovery Committee is responsible for educating the industry on safe handling, recovery and processing of co-products from the pulp and paper industry, specifically black liquor soap, tall oil and turpentine.