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The PCA Product Regulatory & Stewardship Committee

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Meeting Minutes

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Guidance Documents

Guidance Documents, Resources and Tools to assist member companies prevent adverse events.

Tech Alerts

Technical Abstracts of interest from the PRS Committee

The PCA Product, Regulatory and Stewardship Committee monitors environmental regulations on a global basis and proactively responds to regulations that could negatively impact our industry. This work includes, at times, substantial investments in developing data to assure regulatory decisions are based on accurate information. Additionally, committee members meet with regulatory agencies to educate them on our industry and our technology. The committee actively cooperates with regulatory committees of other associations both in the United States and globally.

Mission Statement:

The Product Regulatory & Stewardship Committee provides a forum through which PCA member companies can monitor, influence and respond to product-related legislative, chemical management and regulatory issues relevant to the pine chemicals industry.

PR&S Goals:


  • Continue to lobby for supportable TSCA reauthorization.
  • Follow up petition to remove hydrogenated rosin derivatives from the Candidate Chemicals List.
  • Continue to work with ICG and support EC getting correct information on Pine chemical polymers and substances.


  • Continue to advocate on the UVCB/Substance Identity issues and publish the PCA Position Paper.
  • Complete the Rosin & Derivatives Skin Sensitization White Paper and use to support PCA position with regulatory authorities.
  • Continue to work with HARRPA on issues impacting the pine chemical industry and utilize this information in global regulatory efforts.
  • Monitor global regulations for impact on pine chemicals and related materials and advocate accordingly.


  • Increased connectivity with Asia – China Gum Rosin Association.
  • Collaborations with EU H4R REACH consortium on issues of mutual importance – REACH data sharing & possible polymer registrations.
  • Continued work with AAI and ACC to lobby for reasonable TSCA reform – Vitter / Udall Senate Bill.
  • Petitioned California DTSC to remove hydrogenated rosin & derivatives from California Safer Consumer Products Act Candidate Chemicals List (response pending).
  • Extensive dialogue with ICG , HC, EC to positively influence outcome of Canada CMP3 – esp. polymers.
  • Commissioned a PCA White Paper on the skin sensitization potential of rosin and its derivatives – eta May.
  • Drafted White Paper on UVCB Identity Issue.