Product Regulatory & Stewardship Committee Members
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PR&S Committee Members:

Conrad Shannon (Chairman) ~ Pinova Solutions

  • Regulatory Affairs Senior Manager, Pinova Solutions

Nelson Lawson (PCA Support Staff) ~ Lawson Consulting

  • Principal, Lawson Consulting

Mikio Katayama (Board Member Liason) ~Lawter, Inc.

  • General Manager and CFO, Lawter, Inc.

Krys Bronk ~ Ingevity

  • Senior Regulatory Compliance Specialist, Ingevity

Lauren Amable ~ Plasmine Technology, Inc.

  • Regulatory Chemist, Plasmine Techmology, Inc.

Vasilios Fotopoulos ~ T&R Chemicals

  • Regulatory Manager, T&R Chemicals

Steve Green ~ Eastman Chemical Company

  • Principal Toxicologist - Product Safety & Health, Eastman Chemical Company

Frederick H. Gouzoules ~Whole In One, LLC for Florachem

  • Principal, Whole In One, LLC for Florachem

Xing Han ~ International Flavours & Fragrances

  • VP, Toxicology and Risk Assessment, Global Regulatory Affairs, International Flavours, & Fragrances

Rabarot Mathieu ~ DRT

  • Manager of Regulatory Affairs and REACH, DRT

Bernardo Mello ~ Grupo AS Resinas

  • Managing Director, Grupo AS Resinas

Dustin Melton - Arboris, LLC

  • Quality Manager, Arboris, LLC

Rafaela Oliveira da Silva ~ Socer Brasil Ind e Com LTDA

  • Socer Brasil Ind e Com LTDA

Christopher Sgarlata ~ArrMaz

  • Director of Product Regulatory, ArrMaz

Chelsea Shugart ~ Florachem

  • Regulatory Specialist, Florachem

Ingeborg van den Brande ~Lawter Inc.

  • Product Safety, REACH & Regulatory Compliance Specialist, Lawter, Inc.

Jennifer Whittington ~ Kraton Chemical, LLC

  • Global Product Regulatory Director, Kraton Chemical, LLC