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The Pine Chemicals Association International (PCA) is the only international association dedicated exclusively to the global pine chemicals industry since its founding in 1947. The overall purpose is to promote the general development and improvement of member companies by fostering greater understanding and knowledge of the pine chemicals industry, as well as, representing the industry as a whole on an international basis. 

Pine Chemicals are environmentally friendly products that use natural, renewable products as primary raw materials originating from sustainable forestry sources. The chemicals produced by this industry are used in consumer products such as flavors and fragrances, vitamin intermediates, disinfectants, inks, adhesives, paints, papermaking, synthetic rubber production, soaps and mining chemicals.

The association exists to serve its membership, which is accomplished by being both proactive and reactive on key issues affecting the pine chemicals industry, hosting seminars and conferences, and providing publications, bulletins and consultation services to its member companies on an ongoing basis. PCA members include forest owners, rosin and terpene producers and consumers of crude gum tapped from pine trees, and producers, consumers and users of papermaking co-products, including tall oil rosin, tall oil fatty acids and terpene chemicals, as well as, academic and research organizations, engineering firms and equipment, packaging and transportation distributors and suppliers within the industry.

The Pine Chemicals Industry is facing many changes and challenges.  These include:

  • Supply Side Changes
    • China evolving from a global exporter to a net importer of gum rosin
    • New global gum rosin producers emerging
    • Consolidations and new owners in the tall oil and terpene industry  
  • Competition in markets and raw materials
    • CTO incentivized for use in biofuels
    • Lower cost hydrocarbon resins, displacing pine chemical products
  • Technology
    • New innovations in forestry management: improving oleoresin production and yields and lowering cost
    • Innovations in tapping techniques
  • Regulatory and Legislative Challenges
    • Proposed regulations to define biologic products that could have huge negative impact on the pine chemicals industry
    • Regulations improperly defining certain pine chemicals as toxic 
    • China “Central Inspection Teams” closing factories

The good news is that our products are renewable and based on sustainable forestry. 


If ever there was a time our industry needed a consolidated effort to improve productivity, lower costs and collectively push back against unnecessary regulations and poorly conceived legislation, now is the time.  


The Pine Chemical Association International (PCA) is the only international group focused entirely on supporting the Pine Chemicals Industry.  Our actions support your company and the industry, both directly and indirectly. This support includes:

  • Communication and Education
    • Conferences that provide exceptional presentations and networking opportunities
    • A growing library of “best practices” and “lessons learned” from safety incidents from our member companies
    • Industry statistics on production, imports and exports
  • Maintaining and updating Standards
    • Updating and modifying ASTM and ISO test standards that allow global commerce
  • Regulatory and Legislative Actions
    • Monitoring regulations and legislation globally and responding with accurate data and reports to assure informed decisions are made by these groups
  • Sponsoring studies and projects
    • CTO carbon footprint compared to biofuel use
    • Proposed new study on carbon footprint of gum rosin
    • Social and economic advantages of chemical use of CTO vs biofuel use
    • Analysis on total size of pine chemical industry
    • Toxicity analysis for all pine chemical products
  • Education
    • Interactive courses on CTO and CST recovery and black liquor soap acidulation
    • Symposiums on oleoresin production and processing to communicate best practices and explore new innovations. 
  • Business Resources
    • Coming Soon!- an online Buyer’s guide and updated Website
    • Technical Publications

Our PCA committees, composed of member company employees, are the backbone of our association and they continue to be quite active and productive providing guidance and knowledge sharing that benefits both your company and the overall industry.   

Members are the lifeblood of the PCA.  Your involvement, contributions and support as a member of the PCA are vital for us to be successful advocates for the global pine chemicals industry, particularly given the current economic, legislative, and regulatory climate. 

It is crucial for the PCA to have full industry support and hope that you will consider becoming a member of the PCA. We look forward to your attendance at our future conferences and welcoming you as a member of the Pine Chemicals Association International.  Please contact us with any questions you have about the value the PCA brings to your specific business needs.

Best personal regards,


Alejandro Cunningham, President

Amanda Young, Executive Director

Wendi Kidd, Executive Assistant

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