Membership & Information Committee Home Page
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Chairman:  Jack DiMaggio ~ Callison Pacific Pine Chemical


Mission Statement:

The Membership & Information Committee
  • implements membership expansion and retention programs and activities to assure full participation of all members.
  • communicates a positive image of the industry.
  • supports programs to provide information to the membership and general public.

2015 Goals

  • Increase membership to minimum of 100 members and improve new member retention.
    • Continue new member mentoring program and highlight new members on the website.
    • Draft an invitation and value letter for potential member companies (including financial value).
    • Re-engage 20% of lost member companies
  • Increase the value of PCA to members and the industry through improved communication and engagement of PCA Membership.
    • Continue to improve PCA website.
    • International Meeting Sponsorship program.
    • E-newsletters and webinars.
    • Push news and information to membership via email and social media.
    • Determine if PCA can help the Pine Chemicals Review as a ongoing technical resource to PCA members and/or archive the past paper journals.
  • Improve outreach to non-members, new members and other industry groups.
    • Expand relationship with China Gum Rosin and Turpentine Associations and Latin American pine chemical producers & users.
    • Explore relationships with other industry associations.

Committee Members:   

  • Jack A. DiMaggio (Chairman) ~  Callisons, Inc.
  • Philippe Sainte-Cluque  ~   DRT
  • Jim Turner  ~   Vistaurum Corporation
  • Jerry Smith ~ Pine Chemicals Recovery Assistance
  • Jim Prohaska ~ Florachem
  • Jeff Yost  ~  Georgia Pacific
  • Herbert Anzenberger ~ Kemira Chemie GesmbH
  • John Smith  ~  Rosin Plus Consulting Services, LLC
  • Nikolay Khodov ~ Biochemical Holding ORGKHIM
  • Mikio Katayama ~ Lawter
  • Dale Hobson ~ Symrise