Environmental, Health & Safety Committee Home Page
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Chairman:  Dave Neely  ~  Arboris

Mission statement: 

The Environmental, Health and Safety Committee provides an avenue for Pine Chemical Association members to share approaches to common environmental, safety and health issues. The committee identifies and shares environmental, safety and health information including best practices and lessons learned for the purpose of reducing risk and advancing accident prevention programs at Member’s Operations.

2016 Goals:

  •  Continue a Safety and Hygiene Excellence in Leadership Recognition Program.
  • Publish a minimum of five (5) Best Practice Documents related to Health and Safety and one (1) related to Environment.
  • Provide a forum to share knowledge related to new regulations, member incidents, and successful Environment, Safety, and Health programs.
  • Improve communications to all PCA member company EHS personnel.  Involve this group more in the formal PCA committee activities.

 Members of Committee:

Dave Neely (Chairman)  - Arboris
Bob Heck - Ingevity
Rick Frain -  IFF
Terence Nishimoto - Arizona Chemical, a Kraton Company
Nancy Mick  -Symrise
Doug McNeal - Lawter
Brenda Murray - Renessenz
Phil Ulichney  -  Plasmine Technology, Inc.
Joseph Perry  -  Georgia Pacific
Ron Thomas  -  ArrMaz
Hunter Harris (Board Member Support)  - Ingevity