Advocacy Committee Home Page
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To provide a forum for members to collaborate, represent, advocate and educate stakeholders on the importance of a sustainable pine chemicals industry. Stakeholders include producers, suppliers, customers, government agencies and communities.


The PCA Advocacy Committee advocates the following principles:

  • Pine chemicals are natural, bio-renewable, low-carbon footprint products.
  • Pine tree-derived materials should be used for their highest value (Cascading Principle).
  • Market distortions caused by mandates, quotas and incentives should be eliminated and/or prevented.
  • Sustainable practices are encouraged throughout the value chain.

2015 Goals

Establish and track long term Sustainable goals, which include:

  • Sustainability Principles
  • Communicate Committee Activities
  • Expand Committee Membership
  • Establish Sustainability Award(s)
  • Continue to Develop Advocacy and Promotional Plans

 Members of Committee:

  • Hunter Harris (Chairman)  - Ingevity
  • Alan Phillips- Arboris
  • Carla Toth - Symrise
  • Nelson Lawson - PCA Support Staff