Co-Product Yield Reporting
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Co-Products Yield Report
Soap (BLS)/ Crude Tall Oil (CTO)/ Turpentine (CST)

Reports should be submitted by the 10th of each month.
Please complete the online form below or email/fax this form to Amanda Young

Co-Product yield reporting will be ranked by geographical regions, but not divulge the specific name of any individual mill – the mill names will remain confidential.  Each region will be defined with enough mills so no individual mill can be identified but your mill will be given an identifying code, so you can see where you stand in your region and benchmark your operations.  The data will be published either quarterly or semiannually and will be available only to mills that input their data or mills that are operated by a Pine Chemicals Association member corporation. We believe this data will help in your mill operations by providing credible benchmarking and will allow you to accurately measure your processes and the effect of process changes.

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