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2019 International Conference- GUEST Tuesday FINAL Reception & Dinner ONLY

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TUESDAY, 18 September 2018    6:30 pm – 11:30 pm (GALA EVENT COST $350)      

Final Night Reception and Gala Dinner at Beato Convent

Join us as we celebrate the end of another productive International Conference.  The Gala Reception and Dinner will be held in the spectacular Convento do Beato, which is located via a 30 minute coach transport. The night will be filled with food, drinks and special entertainment to bring the heart of Lisbon to you!  We always have surprises in store for you during this final farewell to our delegates and guests, so make sure you plan to join us for another fun filled event!

The history of Convento do Beato dates back to the 15th century, when Queen D. Isabel was given authorisation to construct a hospice in the chapel of S. Bento for the congregation of the “frades azuis”, the “blue monks” as they were known. Before she was able to fulfil her wish, Queen D. Isabel died, leaving 8,000 gold crowns in her will for building the hospice.  In the 16th century, Frei António da Conceição set the construction of the monastery in motion. The story goes that with just seven “tostões” (small coins like farthings) which he had received in alms, he managed to get the building of the magnificent monastery underway. The reputation of this miraculous building increased and in 1602 the people made him into a saint (he was only recognised as such by the church in the 18th century), and they began to refer to him as Beato António (António the Beatified) and his magnificent creation as the Convento do Beato.

The material used for the construction of Convento do Beato, mainly Portuguese white marble with veins of red jasper, gave it not only its very special appearance but also make it very strong, as was seen at the time of the 1755 earthquake. At that time, Convento do Beato provided a shelter for the monks from the “Convento dos Lóios”, who managed to bring a number of relics of untold value with them, which they rescued from the ruins and the flames.  At the end of the 18th century, one of the wings of the monastery began to be used as the Royal Military Hospital and in 1834 the merchant João de Brito bought part of the buildings that had meanwhile been partly destroyed by a serious fire.  In this way, the monastery began to be used for industrial purposes, and a modern manufacturing plant was installed where a steam engine operated for the first time in Portugal. 15 years later in 1849, Queen D. Maria II granted authorisation for the use of the brand “Nacional” for the products made by the company, in recognition of the industrialist João de Brito.

Recognised over the years for its magnificent construction, in 1984 Convento do Beato was classified by IPPAR (the Portuguese Institute for Architectural Heritage) as a Heritage Site of Public Interest, and it was used for holding a number of events of a cultural nature.
In 1999, the Cerealis Group, a company involved in the processing of cereals, and producing pasta, flour, breakfast cereals and biscuits, acquired “Nacional”. Aware of the incalculable value of Convento do Beato both for the City of Lisbon and the country as a whole, the company brought greater dynamism to the management of the site, with improvements being carried out and raising the profile of the building nationally and internationally as a venue for holding events.

Duration and timing: 6:30 pm – 11:30 pm.  This event is included in the cost of Delegate Registration fee onlyAll guests must purchase a ticket if they plan to attend this event.