About Us

     Pine Chemicals Association is an international trade association, representing over 20 countries. The PCA is the only association dedicated exclusively to the global pine chemicals industry. The PCA speaks on behalf of the industry on a variety of issues, including sustainable forestry, offers information about pine chemicals to the general public, develops industry publications on markets and technology, administers technical information and training, and provides its members exclusive access to the latest industry information and events & forums for unequivocal networking opportunities with industry peers.

     Membership to the PCA is open to any organization in the business of manufacturing or marketing chemical products derived from the pulp and forest products industries, including oleoresin, gum rosin & turpentine, rosin and rosin derivatives, liginin, black liquor skimmings, crude tall oil, crude turpentine and fractionated turpentine and tall oil products and their derivatives. In addition, service and product providers to this industry group are welcome to join the association as associate members.

     Today, the Pine Chemicals Association International is positioned to work with relevant stakeholders and government agencies globally to ensure that industry positions are represented.  In past years, the association has been very successful in working with critical regulatory issues, setting industry standards, conducting training seminars, supporting technical programs and developing industry publications on markets and technology. The association continues to sponsor the Spring Meeting and International Conference, which are held annually.


The Pine Chemicals Association International (PCA) is recognized as a global leader representing, supporting and advocating for the value of Pine Chemicals as bio-renewable and sustainable products. The association is a non-profit entity with members who are producers, processors, traders, consumers, and consultants of chemicals derived from pine trees, a renewable resource.


The PCA is:
  •  Valued by the industry for its unique “user-friendly” Pine Chemicals conferences and symposiums, which provide exceptional networking opportunities and current industry informational presentations.
  • The monitor of regulatory and legislative issues impacting
  • The global resource for developing and maintaining ASTM, ISO and PCA test standards required for Pine Chemicals international commerce.
  • Recognized as an educational and informational source for Pine Chemicals raw material production technology, industry statistics and process safety guidelines.
  • Known and recognized for its culture of strict adherence to the ethical principles and policies of anti-trust compliance.

In July 1947, the forerunner of the Pine Chemicals Association was first organized as the Tall Oil Association. The initial purpose of the association was "to advance by all lawful means the interests of the Tall Oil manufacturing industry." Included in its charter was the collection and dissemination of statistical data of all kinds relating to Tall Oil, as well as the goal of providing research programs, investigations, and experiments relating to the production and marketing of Tall Oil and its distillation products. The Association was the platform for members to express common views to government agencies, other industries and the public.

       In 1955, the Association re-organized as the Pulp Chemicals Association. Three Divisions were designated, each with its own separate goals and bylaws. These Divisions were Sulfate Turpentine, Tall Oil and Fatty Acids. The scope of the association broadened to include "products produced by or from products of, the wood pulp industry". Each Division had separate goals and membership could be in one or more of the Divisions. The Association continued to provide research programs, investigations, experiments, and statistical data for the overall membership.

     In 1974, the Association began the sponsorship of the annual International Naval Stores Meeting, a gathering of companies from around the world to hear presentations on markets, technology and other subjects of interest to the industry. In 1998, the Association changed its name to Pine Chemicals Association, Inc. to reflect the encompassed interests of all stakeholders under one umbrella Association. In 2017, PCA's name was updated to reflect the inclusiveness of its growing global membership to Pine Chemicals Association International.  

       The Pine Chemicals Association is proud of its seventy-five plus years of service to its membership and will continue to play an important role in helping to bring value to our green industry and its customers.