Membership Information


Pine Chemicals Association invites you to apply for membership in the international association for chemicals derived from the forest products industry. Pine Chemicals Association is a global resource to the industry and works in many ways to help and add value to your business.

The PCA is furthering its efforts to better serve the Pine Chemicals industry by becoming a more agile and responsive organization. We are providing our members with the vital information, resources, and networking essential to your success by:

Offering expanded opportunities to train and develop the staff who are vital to your business and provide more resources essential to their work.
Organizing opportunities to engage with the PCA to shape the environment for the pine chemicals industry and to network with your colleagues.
Providing the latest regulatory and legislative updates and relevant industry information.
Providing a user-friendly website that provides a forum for sharing technology, relevant documents and best practices, general market history and global industry updates so you and your staff can find the resources you need.
Maintaining and Updating ASTM and ISO testing standards vital for your company and the global industry.

All of these activities help the businesses who participate in the pine chemicals industry. We need your support to keep these vital activities current and active, and hopefully you will consider these critical values offered by the PCA as you evaluate membership with PCA.

You will get value from membership directly, as well as through supporting the programs that help the health of the overall pine chemicals industry. All of us together have made a difference in maintaining the success of the pine chemicals commercial business and we need your support to continue these and future programs. 

How to become a PCA Member

  1. Complete the PCA Membership Application Online.
  2. PCA Staff will review your application and determine your Membership Category and Dues.
  3. You will receive a Membership Approval Letter identifying your Category and Membership Dues within a few days.
  4. Membership becomes effective only upon receipt of payment for membership dues.
  5. Membership is valid for one year (12 calendar months).
  6. Membership Dues are NOT REFUNDABLE.
  7. PCA will send your User ID and Password for members only website information and how to get involved with PCA.
  • Reduced registration fees for our Courses and Conferences.
  • Discounts on PCA publications available for purchase.
  • Opportunity to vote as an association member to select future leadership and participate in setting future direction.
  • Participate in high level networking opportunities at the PCA Conferences and Meetings.
  • Opportunity to serve on one of several committees and become involved with industry issues.
  • Opportunity to participate in and gain benefit from PCA regulatory and environmental testing programs.
  • Access to past regulatory reports and data through the Document Repository.
  • Expanded market opportunities.

Forestry, Producers and Processors

$500    Forest Owner

$3,000 Producer/Processors of Oleoresin, Gum Rosin, Gum Turpentine, CST and/or CTO 

Join as Forestry, Producers and Processors


$10,000 Small Fractionator

$17,000 Mid-Sized Fractionator

$20,000 Large Fractionator

Join as Fractionator

End User or Purchaser

$5,000 Adhesives, Rubber, Ink, Paper, Pharmaceuticals, Food & Nutritionals, and Flavors & Fragrances

Join as End User or Purchaser

Service & Product Providers

Non-Voting Member

$3,000 Equipment, Packaging, Distributors,Transportation, Brokers and Agents    

Join as Service & Product Providers

Associated Member

Non-Voting Membership

$1,500 Engineering, Consulting & Venture Capital Firms, and Think Tanks

$1,000 Single-Person Consultancy & Academic and Research Organizations

Join as Associated Member