EHS Committee: Best Practices

The attached Best Safety Practice Guides (the "Safety Guides”) constitute only a general guideline based on safety practices in effect at various facilities of companies which belong to the Pine Chemicals Association ("PCA”), as well as lessons learned and conclusions drawn from the review of a number of safety-related incidents. The Safety Guides are designed to assist PCA member companies in developing and implementing their own best safety practices and policies. As such the Safety Guides do not purport to, nor can they, take into account all circumstances and considerations that may be relevant to any particular member company’s situation. 

Each member company should determine for itself what particular safety steps and measures are most appropriate for its own operations, and no company should assume that the Safety Guides will necessarily meet its own needs.

PCA makes no representation or warranty regarding the Safety Guides nor does PCA approve of any particular provision of the Safety Guides as being appropriate for any given company’s own particular technology, processes, operations or equipment. Any decision by any individual member company to implement or employ any idea or action recommended or suggested by the Safety Guides must be made solely in the discretion of such member company based on its own circumstances and the need to comply with federal, state and local laws and regulations applicable thereto.

PCA disclaims any ownership of, or responsibility for, ideas and provisions contained in the Safety Guides. PCA shall not be liable for damages of any nature, including injury to person, property or business, arising or resulting from the use by any member company of any idea or provision contained in the Safety Guides.


EHS Best Practices

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Safety- Managing Contractor Safety PDF (138.64 KB) Administration 7/8/2022
Safety Work Practices- Confined Space Entry PDF (1.31 MB) Administration 7/8/2022
Safety- Control of Hazardous Energy PDF (1.53 MB) Administration 3/17/2021
Safety- Disconnecting Process Pipelines PDF (1.34 MB) Administration 3/17/2021
Safety-Electrical Safety for Non-Qualified Employees PDF (258.62 KB) Administration 3/17/2021
Safety Work Practices- Hot Work PDF (1.11 MB) Administration 7/8/2022
Safety- Machine Guarding PDF (912.94 KB) Administration 3/17/2021
Safety – Mobile Equipment Safe Work Practices PDF (1.1 MB) Administration 3/17/2021
Safety Work Practices- Respiratory Protection PDF (348.38 KB) Administration 7/8/2022
Safety- Temporary Interlock Bypass PDF (589.3 KB) Administration 3/17/2021
Safety- Portable Ladder Safety PDF (322.46 KB) Administration 3/17/2021
Safety Work Practices- Fixed Ladder Safety PDF (304.32 KB) Administration 7/8/2022
Safety- Safe Storage and Handling of Laboratory Flammables PDF (180.56 KB) Administration 7/8/2022
Safety - Safe Loading and Unloading of Black Liquor Soap Skimmings PDF (323.83 KB) Administration 3/17/2021
Safety-Crude Sulfate Turpentine Storage Tank Cleaning PDF (289.22 KB) Administration 3/17/2021
Safety - Culture: Employee Safety Shares PDF (452.42 KB) Administration 3/17/2021
Safety- Culture- Positive Safety Contacts PDF (452.62 KB) Administration 3/17/2021
Safety- Spill Planning, Reporting, and Response PDF (227.94 KB) Administration 3/17/2021
Environment- Managing Universal Waste PDF (165.3 KB) Administration 3/17/2021
Environment- Waste Management PDF (306.15 KB) Administration 11/5/2021
Incident Investigation PDF (1.09 MB) Administration 11/5/2021
Environment- Stormwater Management of Industrial Activities PDF (173.44 KB) Administration 7/8/2022