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Year - Month: 2023-08

[PDF]A Comprehensive Literature Review on Polymer-Modified Asphalt Binder

M Emtiaz, MN Imtiyaz, M Majumder, II Idris… - CivilEng, 2023

Due to periodic variations in temperature and heavy traffic loading, hot-mix asphalt (HMA) 
pavements undergo considerable distress during their service life. The rheological 
properties of asphalt binder, when subjected to complex physical and chemical …


β-SitosterolBioconversion in Small-Scale Devices: From Microtiter Plates to Microfluidic Reactors

MPC Marques, J Aranda Hernandez, P Fernandes - Microbial Steroids: Methods and …, 2023

… This multistep reaction is especially challenging at the small scale due to the low 
aqueous solubility of β-sitosterol (need for in situ … Ethanol β-sitosterol stock 
solution: Add 10 mL of absolute ethanol to a glass beaker. Weigh 99.53 mg of β-sitosterol …


TheTerpene(-)-A-pinene can Alter Locomotion in Zebrafish (Danio rerio)

A Stewart - Student Research Proceedings, 2023

Canada has recently legalized cannabis, and this has resulted in an increased focus 
on genetic strains and chemical compounds in cannabis. Terpenes are aromatic 
compounds found in cannabis and other plants that could have medicinal value. A …


Analysis of Pentaerhythritous Esters of Rosin as “Tackiness Agents” for Adhesive Compositions

MA Lazarev, ES Kolchkova, OV Tsaplina, AO Grigoreva - Polymer Science, Series D, 2023

… Tall oil rosin and gum rosin contain the same resin acids, but in different 
proportions [8]. In tall oil rosin, the content of abietic and … in gum rosin. The 
intensity of the signals in the mass spectra of the corresponding adducts for gum and …


[HTML]Follow‐up of the re‐evaluation of glycerol esters of wood rosins (E 445) as a food additive

M Younes, G Aquilina, G Degen, KH Engel, P Fowler… - EFSA Journal, 2023

… Excluded from these specifications are substances derived from gum rosin, and 
exudate of living pine trees, and substances derived from tall oil rosin, a by‐product 
of kraft (paper) pulp processing. The final product is composed of ~ 90% resin acids …


Design of Continuous Distillation Process for Hydrogenated Turpentine System.

Y Hejian, REN Baoguang, C Xiaopeng, HOU Wenbiao… - Biomass Chemical …, 2023

The gas-liquid equilibrium data points of hydrogenated rosin system al atmospheric 
pressure and temperatures of 169.2-236.6 C were measured using excelled oil and 
medium oil as solvents to adjust the concentration of hydrogenated rosin. The effects …


[PDF] Lawsonia inermis possesses a significant analgesic activity compared to Waltheria indica, Moringa oleifera, Nigella sativa, and diclofenac in female Wistar rats

A Aremu, JF Idris, GJ Akorede, AO Olatumji, A Basiru… - Iranian Journal of Veterinary …, 2023

Pain is a severe symptom of many diseases, with an increasing percentage of 
people manifesting various types of pain. Medicinal plants provide analgesic 
potential with little toxicity. We performed this experiment to compare the analgesic …



[PDF]Characteristics and Quality Assessment of Oleoresin Production through Bore-hole Method in Chir-pine Under Narendranagar Forest Division, Uttarakhand, India

DS Meena, K Bijlwan, BS Bhandari - … Journal of Social and Environmental Issues …, 2023

The present study aimed to evaluate the Oleoresin quality in Chir-pine. It was 
observed that the main compounds of Chir-pine’s Oleoresin were Rosin, α and β-pinene 
with the highest percentage and are considered products with high commercial value …

[HTML]Synthesis, characterization, antifungal properties of quaternary ammonium salts derived from natural rosin

Y Xu, Y Niu, C Wu, J Yan, X Rao, Z Shi, K Xu, H Algadi… - Biomass Conversion and …, 2023

… Gum rosin was of industrial grade. Dehydroabietic acid (98, wt%) was obtained 
from Wuhan lannabai Pharmaceutical Chemical Co., Ltd. Hydroquinone (AR) and 
acrylic acid (AR) were provided by Sinopharm Chemical Reagent Co., Ltd. …

Courtesy of Kerry Thompson, Nelson Lawson, and the PCA.