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Year - Month: 2020-02


Concentrations of Tire Additive Chemicals and Tire Road Wear Particles in an Australian Urban Tributary

C Rauert, N Charlton, ED Okoffo, RS Stanton, AR Agua… - Environmental Science & …, 2022

Tire road wear particles (TRWPs) are one of the largest sources of microplastics to 
the urban environment with recent concerns as they also provide a pathway for 
additive chemicals to leach into the environment. Stormwater is a major source of …

Presumably any rosin or terpene derivatives used in tire-making will be subject to the same distribution.


Review on Solvents Based Alkyd Resins and Water Borne Alkyd Resins: Impacts of Modification on Their Coating Properties

IH Ifijen, M Maliki, IJ Odiachi, ON Aghedo… - Chemistry Africa, 2022

… to scratch, chemical resistance capability in various corrosive environments, 
thermal stability, flexibility, roughness, hardness, abrasion resistance, mechanical 
properties, etc., were improved by modifying solvent based alkyd resin and water …


Can anaerobic digestion be a suitable end-of-life scenario for biodegradable plastics? A critical review of the current situation, hurdles, and challenges

G Cazaudehore, R Guyoneaud, P Evon… - Biotechnology Advances, 2022

Growing concern regarding non-biodegradable plastics and the impact of these 
materials on the environment has promoted interest in biodegradable plastics. The 
intensification of separate biowastes collection in most European countries has also …

The concept of biodegradable plastic seems to me to be one that has come and gone because it would surely conflict with the efforts to recycle plastics which is the big driver from governments and industry today.


Epoxidation of Limonene and Pinenes by Dimethyldioxirane in Microemulsions

YM Ahmat, S Kaliaguine - Catalysis Today, 2022

… Terpene epoxides such as limonene dioxide are known as a very important 
intermediates for developing biological resins such as non-… This study focuses on 
the epoxidation of hydrophobic terpene such as limonene and pinene by DMDO …

An interesting way to epoxidize terpenes. Not sure it is viable in industry.


Identification of the Crystalline Product of Liquid-Phase Oxidation of?-Pinene with Atmospheric Oxygen in the Presence of Cobalt (II) Stearate

V Fleisher, A Sosnovskaya - Lesnoy Zhurnal (Forestry Journal)

… One of the possible directions of liquid-phase oxidation of ?-pinene by 
atmospheric oxygen leads to the formation of a mixture of terpene … Then the 
mixture was exposed to steam distillation in order to separate monomers (they 


HTML]Future of forest industry in carbon-neutral reality: Finnish and Swedish visions

S Lipiäinen, E Sermyagina, K Kuparinen, E Vakkilainen - Energy Reports, 2022

The forest industry is a significant emitter of CO 2 and thus it needs to transform 
toward a more sustainable operation in order to contribute to tackling climate 
change. This paper looks at the progress, tools, possibilities, and barriers of Finnish …

This paper can be downloaded for free. The “future” of the CTO pine chemicals industry, according to this study, is biofuel in the pulp & paper mills. At the least it will raise the price of CTO and hinder its availability in Scandinavia.


Vapor–Liquid Equilibrium of α-Pinene, Longifolene, and Abietic Acid of Pine Oleoresin: HS-GC Measurements and Model Correlation

S Wang, X Chen, J Liang, X Wei, H Mo, K Deng… - Journal of Chemical & …, 2022

… Since it is very difficult to experimentally measure all the possible combinations of 
terpene components in pine oleoresin equilibria (VLE) systems, it is essential to 
make measurements on some systems to provide results that can be used to …

This takes me back to my R &D days when I tried to be an engineer. Useful data for designing a still for oleoresin separations.

A Simple Process for the Dimerization and Cross-Coupling of Isoprene and Myrcene to High-Performance Jet and Diesel Blendstocks

JD Woodroffe, BG Harvey - Energy & Fuels, 2022

Three high-energy density fuels were generated in a one-pot reaction from the [4+4]-cyclodimerization and cross-coupling of isoprene and myrcene using a homogeneous iron 
pyridineimine (PDI) catalyst. The resulting mixture of C10, C15, and C20 regio- and …

Seems like a wasteful use of valuable turpentine.

[HTML]Experimental Determination and Computational Prediction of Dehydroabietic Acid Solubility in (−)-α-Pinene+(−)-β-Caryophyllene+ P-Cymene System

Y Qin, X Chen, L Wang, X Wei, W Nong, X Wei, J Liang - Molecules, 2022

… Turpentine is a terpene mixture mainly composed of monoterpenes such as (−)-α-pinene, 
β-pinene, camphene, p-cymene, and sesquiterpenes such as longifolene and (−)-β-caryophyllene. 
The monoterpenes are volatile components in a boiling point range of 155–175 C at …


[PDF]Fouling of heat transfer surfaces with biobased feedstocks

T Tossavainen - 2022

… oil and tall oil pitch samples on heat transfer surface with a commercially 
available fouling tester. Further, the aim was to identify components and compounds 
causing fouling from different feeds. Studied feeds consisted of different crude tall oil …

An interesting and useful study of what causes evaporator fouling in tall oil distillation and how to minimize it.


The Analysis of the Russian Forest Industry

SV Zykov, DV Dayneko - Forest Industry of Russia, 2022

The Forest industry is an important part of the Russian economy, so its condition has 
a great influence on the Russian economy in generfal and on various aspects of life, 
from the production of raw materials for various industries (such as construction …


Forest Industry of Russia: Smart Innovations and Success Stories

SV Zykov

This book investigates the Russian Forest industry specifically focusing on its unique 
Baikal region famous for its ecology. Being a very old commercial area, this sector 
essentially contributes not only to major home clients but also to key foreign …


[PDF]Effects of Geometry and Loading Mode on the Stress State in Asphalt Mixture Cracking Tests

Y Li, W Xuan, A Rahman, H Ding, B Yusupov - Materials, 2022

Currently, a variety of asphalt mixture cracking characterization tests are available 
as screening tools for the better selection of high-quality raw materials and also for 
the optimization of mixture design for different applications. However, for a same …


Production, Characterization, Delivery, and Cholesterol-Lowering Mechanism of Phytosterols: A Review

R Zhang, Y Han, DJ McClements, D Xu, S Chen - Journal of Agricultural and Food …, 2022

… They mainly exist in the membrane structure of cells and tissues in the form of free 
sterols, sterol esters, steryl glycosides, and acylated … plants: the main sterol in 
algae is sitosterol; the main sterol in marine brown algae is fucosterol (83–97%); …

A good general review of well-known information.


Octanol–Water Partition Coefficients and Aqueous Solubility Data of Monoterpenoids: Experimental, Modeling, and Environmental Distribution

SM Vilas-Boas, MC da Costa, JAP Coutinho, O Ferreira… - Industrial & Engineering …, 2022

… Monoterpenes and monoterpenoids are short-chain terpene representatives 
constituted by ten carbon backbone structures, being the major components of 
essential oils. (20,21) They exhibit diverse biological activities, (21) some being …



[PDF]Outlook for the forest-based bioeconomy

E Hurmekoski, L Hetemäki, J Jänis - Lauri Hetemäki, European Forest Institute & University …

… However, crude tall oil refining also produces side-products, such as tall oil rosin 
and tall oil pitch, which find use in many different applications, especially in the 
technochemical field (Routa et al. 2017). Cellulose can also be broken down to the …

An interesting predictive analysis of the forest industry. Thought-provoking. Not much about tall-oil except that it is and will be going into biodiesel due almost entirely to government mandates and subsidies. I guess that at least this will maintain scarcity and a high price for this important feedstock. Lignin is the future, it seems. Maybe the Pine Chemicals Association needs to expand its interests to include it.


[PDF]Pest Management in Organic Agriculture

A Chaudhary, A Giri, R Subedi, A Silwal, A Kharel…

… Pine oil, which is obtained from steam distillation of needles, twigs and cones of 
Pinus sylvestris and a variety of other pine species, … It is sold as a 10% aqueous 
emulsion for weed control and requires application amounts ranging from 50–100kg …

Pine oi is mentioned as a weed killer, but curiously isn’t mentioned for pest management.


[PDF]Chemistry and human exposure implications of secondary organic aerosol production from indoor terpene ozonolysis

CMF Rosales, J Jiang, A Lahib, BP Bottorff, EK Reidy… - Science Advances, 2022

… On the other hand, the sesquiterpenes were likely emitted directly from the 
cleaning product, which contained pine oil (36). While these compounds are also 
known to be SOA precursors, indoor oxidants (O 3 and OH) are most likely to react …

Another nail in the pine oil coffin….