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Year - Month: 2020-01

[PDF]Eucalyptol, an All-Purpose Product

JF Campos, S Berteina-Raboin - Catalysts, 2022

… We focus on studies in which the biological activity tested was achieved only by 
the presence of the terpene 1,8-cineole. This distinction appeared relevant because 
there is a vast literature available for consultation reporting various biological …

1,8-cineole is a major component of pine oil dipentene


[HTML]Tunable Production of (R)-or (S)-Citronellal from Geraniol via a Bienzymatic Cascade Using a Copper Radical Alcohol Oxidase and Old Yellow Enzyme

D Ribeaucourt, GT Höfler, M Yemloul, B Bissaro… - ACS Catalysis, 2022

Biocatalytic pathways for the synthesis of (−)-menthol, the most sold flavor worldwide, 
are highly sought-after. To access the key intermediate (R)-citronellal used in current 
major industrial production routes, we established a one-pot bienzymatic cascade …

Interesting biochemical way to make a key menthol intermediate.


Separation of 1, 8-Cineole and Terpenes by Liquid-liquid Extraction with Green Alkanediols

K Yuan, F Li, L Peng, X Zhao, H Song - Journal of Molecular Liquids, 2022

The difficulty of high purification of 1,8-cineole was mainly attributed to terpenes in 
plant essential oils. Therefore, the separation of 1,8-cineole and terpenes is 
significant for the preparation of high-purity 1,8-cineole. In this work, liquid-liquid …


Preparation and Properties of Autocatalytic Biobased Waterborne Polyol fromRosinBased Epoxy Resin

G Wu, J Chen, Z Yang, C Jin, G Liu, S Huo, Z Kong - 2022

… It was shown from the results that the crosslinking reaction rate of the rosin based 
waterborne amino polyol was faster than that of the … in the rosin based polyols 
could autocatalyze the crosslinking reaction of 2K-WPUs with catalysts free. The film …


Poly (β-pinene) as an efficient biobased tackifier for metallocene poly (ethylene) based hotmelt adhesives

AS Gaspar, JB Cordeiro, PA Simões, D Gameiro… - International Journal of …, 2022

… The HMA formulations were prepared using only poly(β-pinene) as tackifier or 
using mixtures of the terpene with the hydrocarbon resin C5 ((poly(β-pinene): C5: 80:20; 
60:40; 50:50; 40:60; 20:80). An HMA formulation containing only C5 was also …


[PDF]Sustainable biomass availability in the EU towards 2050 (RED II Annex IX, Parts A and B)

A Soler - Review, 2022

… These include:(g) Palm oil mill effluent and empty palm fruit bunches; (h) Tall oil 
pitch;(i) Crude glycerine;(j) Bagasse;(k) Grape marcs and wine lees;(l) Nut shells;(m) 
Husks; and (n) Cobs cleaned of kernels of corn. …